alchemetric is a lifestyle brand with a simple philosophy, based upon Sacred Geometry. This philosophy encompasses the notion that all things are connected through shape and form. Instead of focusing on the differences amongst each other and all things, we consider the similarity. That similarity is that shape and form is found within all things; from our solar system, to our own molecules we find similarities.
With this philosophy in mind, alchemetric fuses three creative outlets in our contemporary culture to express these thoughts. They are: fashion, events and music recording. With these three fundamental expressions of modern culture we are able to share with the world our views and concepts.

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  1. What up Alchemetric staff.

    My name is Jason Hernandez & I am the official west coast rep for indie record label Amalgam Digital. We notice and appreciate your support of our artist Chuuwee and his upcoming European release. We'd like to filter some more music through you and your site if possible. Hope to hear back from you, appreciate all your time. Peace.

  2. Brad Wright says:

    I represent an up and coming hip-hop artist in the bay area. We are interested in booking some shows or to get on a tour this summer. With any questions or for further information email me back or give me a call at 2096422785.
    Thank You,
    Brad Wright


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