Artist Management

Alchemetric Management is a full service management company, in which the artists we represent are our partners, rather than our clients. Our common long-term goal is to build careers brick-by-brick together. Our mission is to provide our artists with individual, in-depth career direction and to manage all facets of the entertainment business. Our approach to the music business comes from a belief in the music we promote.



“To bE! or not to bE! is the ultimate question. With a moniker that is as visually stimulating as his lyrical presentation, bE! is a hip hop artist that can not be boxed.

Hailing out of the San Francisco Bay Area, this Fremont native is a true modern-day storyteller. Unafraid to occupy his mark in the industry, bE! finds inspiration by making music true-to-life expression, that connect people through personal experience.


What does a fresh, modern-day Shakespeare look like? The poetry loving man, better known Champlu, has the answer.

Champlu is a rising star from San Francisco Bay Area’s own Change Up Entertainment label with an unparalleled gift of language manipulation to convey powerful emotions and a conscious message to today’s urban music fans.

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